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rolznsp, Jun 29, 2:28am
were having for dinner. Stole this recipe off my parents chef. It is sooo yummy!

Cook chicken pretty much right through. You can use strips, breast thighs, - i pefer to use strips or tenderloins. Remove from pan and sit aside.
fry onion in a pan for a min or so. Sprinkle in paprika to cover. once onion is slightly browned/covered in paprika add chicken back in and pour in a bott of cream. Add in the juice of at least half a lemon. Taste test and add paprika and lemon as desired. i like adding quiet a bit of both to make lots of flavour. allow to simmer till cream thickens to a nice sauce.

Serve on fluffy white rice... very simple easy and cheap and very tasty!

cookessentials, Jun 29, 2:40am
very tasty

bedazzledjewels, Jun 29, 2:54am
Thanks Rolznsp, I'll give that a "go". Creamy sauces go brilliantly with chicken.

buzzy110, Jun 29, 11:50am
Wow. That sounds delicious rolznsp.

rolznsp, Jun 29, 10:52pm
It was verrrrrrrrry good! and very filling! nice, fast and simple yet delicious dish.

fruitluva2, Sep 17, 9:11am
Sounds a delicious change

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