Wild Pork Roast?

rodg.sue, Jun 28, 11:26pm
Weve kindly been given a Wild Pork Stuffed Roast, I really want to make a go of cookingthis welland not burning the outside, it prob weighs about 3-4kg, does any body have any suggestions? TIA

cookessentials, Jun 28, 11:27pm
I am sure I came across such a roast on a NZ website... would you like me to try and find it for you?

rodg.sue, Jun 28, 11:32pm
that would be wonderful, just a bit reluctant to put in dish and let it do its thing, weve been very spoilt, thankyou for your offer!

cookessentials, Jun 28, 11:34pm
http://www.game-meats.co.nz/recipes. shtml

rodg.sue, Jun 28, 11:35pm
Wicked thankyou so much! will pop on site now!

cookessentials, Jun 28, 11:36pm
Here is the page with various links, so you may get a few differeing ideas, but it may also be helpful. There are a couple of youtube insertions too.

cookessentials, Jun 29, 12:32am
you are welcome. I also had a feeling that fisher hada great recipe for this as well, but I am not sure if he is still away.

sconz1, Jun 29, 3:58am
100* c for 8 hour. Yes thats right this is no mistake it will be moist and divine. I did it at Christmas. Start it at 200*c for 10 mins and put water in the bottom of the roasting pan

diz_fullah, Sep 15, 12:14pm
I just cook mine between 180 & 200 for about 2 1/2 - 3 hours or till the juices run clear.
Slow roasting is also a good way to cook it.
Either one produce a yummy roast ;)

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