Pickled Peppers

winnie231, Feb 6, 11:25pm
My question is to brine or not to brine? ? ?
The old school of thought is to brine first ... but can I get crispy pickles without doing so?
I pack my pickled onions into jars, pour the pickling brew over ... and they come out deliciously crisp sooo - will this work for peppers too?
Don't tell me to google ... I want to hear from the voice of experience please ...

winnie231, Feb 7, 2:47am
... .

juliewn, Feb 7, 7:46am
Hi Rae. . I hope all is well for you there :-)

I don't brine them, however I spinkle some common salt over and leave them for 2 hours only, before placing them in a colander or sieve and draining them well (without rinsing) while I prepare the rest of the ingredients. This takes any toughness out, without leaving them soft. .
I don't include salt in the vinegar mix at all.

I hope this helps. . \Warm regards. . Julie

winnie231, Feb 7, 8:13am
Hi Julie ... life's pretty good here although my hand still isn't ok.
I see the surgeon again at the end of Feb but not sure if he can do much more...
How's things up there? I guess all the hard work you put into your new gardens is paying off now with a bountiful harvest :)
Some of the pumpkin plants I grew from your seeds have survived my chooks & are growing nicely.
Thanks for your advice regarding the peppers - I've always made sauce or relish and decided to try pickling them for a change.
My neighbour grows them commercially so there'll be a few coming my way.
I'll let you know how they turn out.
Would love your recipe too ...

winnie231, Feb 9, 8:44am
Bumping up for julie's recipe & any other new ideas and/or recipes for using peppers of all kinds as I'm getting more tomorrow ...

winnie231, Feb 17, 7:08am
Hoping juliewn might see this ...

snapit, Feb 17, 10:50am
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
wheres the peck of pickled peppers,
Peter Piper picked.

now say it six times fast.

korbo, Feb 18, 9:01am
i did post a recipe for peach and pepper relish a few days ago.

winnie231, Feb 18, 9:06am
I've made relish & sauce korbo ... & 1 batch of pickled peppers but wasn't completely happy with the results which is why I'm chasing Julie.
My neighbour has LOTS of peppers for me!

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