pat56, Jun 28, 5:44am
or more accurately in a square tin they rise but then deflate in the centre when cooling. Obviously no problem in doughnut tin, there's no centre, hahah.

cookessentials, Jun 28, 11:31pm
what sort of cake are you having problems with pat56?

harrislucinda, Jun 29, 2:19am
seemsstrangeyourmixisokin aroundtinandnotasquaredoyouputitrightin themiddleofoven ? andovenhotenough

sconz1, Jun 29, 3:54am
Sounds like you are not cooking them long enough

pat56, Jun 29, 10:19pm
Fruit cake, choc, banana. If I cook longer I get a hard crust. Usually put in centre but fan forced so that shouldn't be critical?

Just made a large yoghurt cake & that came out fantastic. Rose & stayed up there.

I can understand why the diiference with donut tin as the mix cooks evenly more quickly , right?

h_c, Jun 29, 11:12pm
do you open the oven door while it is cooking? The less you open the door, the better. Or maybe you over mix the batter before it goes in the tin?

tinkagirl, Sep 17, 3:46pm
try baking in the rubber cake tins. the cake will always come out even, no hard edges as the rubber does not get hot like a normal tin and as such the cake will evenly cook... love them.

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