Sugar to soft ball stage - how long??

unicstudent, Jun 27, 8:46am
Hello, I am doing an assignment and need to show timing for each stage of the recipes used. About how long would it take for half a cup of sugar to reach soft ball stage? ? I can't find any info to help as it all shows what temperature to reach, but no indication of how long this would take. Could anyone help - I would be most grateful :)

cookessentials, Jun 27, 9:18am
That would depend on how high the heat you are using is.

cookessentials, Jun 27, 9:19am
If you get it to a rolling boil on a gentle heat you would be looking at 15 to 20 minutes

cookessentials, Jun 27, 9:21am
some would say 12-15 minutes, so I defianetely think it will depend on high how you have the heat. Someone who regularly makes sweets should be able to tell you.

pickles7, Jun 28, 3:00am
buy a sugar thermometer. Takes all guess work out of making sweets, jams and jellies, etc. While you are at it, buy a meat thermometer, it will put more meat on your plates.

cookessentials, Jun 28, 3:57am
you need to read the original post pickles.

pickles7, Jun 28, 4:16am
I did read it. The sugar thermometer will let you know when thesoft ball stage has been reached. No one can guess the the time it will take to reach that stage. With the use of a sugar thermometer , no testing is required. I wouldn't "guess" for an assignment, When you do , do this , include the type of element? hot plate? etc that will have a huge influence on the answer.

cookessentials, Jun 28, 11:32pm
They do have to give how long it takes and sure, they can use the thermometer and give the time it took, but then I guess you have the problem of different thermometers, different ovens etc... so it is not going to be exact I'm afraid.

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