Croatian cheese strudel type of thing? help please

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 23, 1:58am
Hi all just wondering if there are anyone who knows how to make this delicious dish. It has cheese in the middle and then pastry on the outside. could be goats cheese or something similar but is quite thick so has to be something that wont melt to nothing when baked. if anyone knows a recipe for this it would be muchly appreciated. had this while in croatia a few years back and would love to try and make it. its been on my mind... mmm cheese :)

katalin2, Jun 23, 2:05am
short savoury pastry on outside- cottage cheesy mix inside- have recipe at home, still at work, my mum used to make it. It's delicious

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 23, 2:12am
ooooo yum! any chance you might be able to post it sometime?

katalin2, Jun 23, 2:51am
will try to find it when I get home- outside pastry melts in mouth so probably lots of butter... .

katalin2, Jun 23, 8:02am
Not sure if this is what you are after: make short pastry but instead of sugar add couple of tablespoons of tasty cheese. (or buy savoury short pastry) Roll out reasonably thin. Mixture: 250gm cottage cheese; 4 T sour cream, 2 eggs- mix briefly in food processor, Can add optional fetta cheese, couple of T grated tasty cheese; fresh garlic; dill, chili or any flavour you fancy- or all of them! Cut pastry into squares of whatever size you want- maybe 6-7cm- put about 1 T of mixture in middle, wet edges, fold over into triangle shape and make frilly edges all around pressing together with fork. Brush top with milk or beaten egg white. Bake mod oven till golden brown- sorry most of my recipes are handed down without exact instruction as my mum baked by the feel of things rather than following exact recipes! Let me know if not clear... .

forgot to say- can sprinkle top of pastry before it goes into oven with salt if you like- or with onion or garlic salt or mixture of them.

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 23, 7:06pm
that sounds like it ;) thank you heaps will let you know if i have any trouble

katalin2, Sep 2, 1:52am
you are welcome- might make it myself this weekend as I have a crowd coming for afternoon tea on Sunday:)

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