Potato bake question. Help please :)

andrea1978, Jun 23, 1:25am
Do I need to follow a recipe? I know a lot of people just kind of do cheese, cream, garlic but all I have is a small block of parmesan. I think it'll be okay, but what else could I add for flavour. I'm quite a cumin fan, but would that taste weird? Thanks :D

lilyfield, Jun 23, 1:29am
no - not weird- just different. cumin goes well with potato. And the Dutch love it with cheese. So go for it.

andrea1978, Jun 23, 1:30am
Thanks for that lilyfield - I've only made it once a long time ago from a recipe I guess but do I need to thicken with anything?

cookessentials, Jun 23, 1:31am
No, you dont need to follow any specific recipe, so long as you add the basics such as the sliced potato, milk, cheese, a little garlic, if you like it. Cumin may be ok, if it is something you like. Parmesan is quite a strong cheese, so it should impart some good flavour into your bake. it will also depend on how much cheese you have to the ratio of how bigger dish you are going to do.

andrea1978, Jun 23, 1:32am
Thanks cookessentials :)Should I use milk instead of cream?

gavin166, Jun 23, 1:41am
Milk is good.
You can make it up as you go along - choose herbs/flavour, potato shape (scalloped, matchsticks, cubes)... I often chuck in a packet of Maggi soup.
My alltime fave is called Janssen's Temptation - had it last night: matchstick potatoes baked with caramelised onion, anchovies and cream.

cookessentials, Jun 23, 1:47am
you can use milk if you prefer(just dont use the low fat stuff) it wont be quite as creamy, but that wont matter too much as you will find that as the potato cooks the milk will reduce and thicken a little anyway.

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 23, 1:53am
i like to make a cheese sauce on the stove and water it down a bit to put in as the liquid. comes out beautiful and creamy but with a great flavor.

cookessentials, Aug 29, 6:01pm
This is my "Creamy Potatoes" recipe which is very delicious and quite rich, but well worth making.

25g butter, melted;1 clove garlic, crushed;1/4 tsp nutmeg;2 cups grated tasty cheese; 1 kg potatoes, peeled and sliced thinly;2 eggs, lightly beaten;1x 300ml carton cream;1 cup milk;1/2 cup stale breadcrumbs;fresh herbs to garnish.
combine melted butter, garlic and nutmeg in a bowl. Brush a shallow oven proof dish with half the butter mixture. Sprinkle half the cheese over the base and layer the potato slices. Combine remaining butter mix, eggs, cream and milk in a jug and pour gently over potato slices. Sprinkle top with remaining cheese and breadcrumbs ( I dont usually bother with the breadcrumbs) Bake in hot oven - 200C for about 1 hour or until potatoes are tender. (Cover with foil if top becomes too brown