How to cook Chicken livers

beurrevaleur, Jun 22, 7:19am
with bacon, mushrooms and cream

Used to do them years ago but have forgotten

lonicera, Jun 22, 8:50am
I used to cook them, too, but without the cream! (Ewww! Rich enough, already. )Here goes. Gently cook a large, well diced onion in a little oil, (olive for me), then set aside for bacon strips to be cooked in any oil left behind. Ensure there is a LITTLE fat left on the bacon because you want to render this into the pan. Set those aside. Add seasoned, flour dredged livers and cook, removing as needed. Once those all done, throw in the sliced mushrooms and 'clean' pan base with a wooden spoon, lid on top of pan and temperature right down so the mushies 'sweat'. Stir now and then. Return all goodies to pan, add a slosh of wine or some chicken stock to thicken it a little to create a sauce and serve over plain boiled rice. Mmmmmmm. Must get some livers and make it again. Without the bacon I understand it is a staple Jewish recipe?

karenz, Jun 22, 8:57am
I have cooked chicken livers in cream and brandy, very rich but gorgeous especially on little toasted or baked rounds of French Stick. From memory a small amount of butter, gently pan fry the trimmed chicken livers, add a splash of brandy and simmer for a while, add cream a little bit at a time, you don't need much, then season, a small amount of salt and freshy ground black pepper. Bit like unreconstructed pate really! !

antoniab, Aug 28, 8:03pm
I also do butter, cream and brandy - but whizz it all up in the end for homemade pate YUMMY! Put some orange zest and thyme in too last time and it was lovely!