What to cook for 4 Adults and 4 Children?

toxious, Jun 21, 7:43am
I'm stumped with what to cook that would suit everyone? Any ideas would be appreciated. I kinda wanted it to be special as it's a 'thank you for your help' meal. But I want to combine it so the kids would eat it as well. Kids are aged between 2 and 6. TIA

dorothy_vdh, Jun 21, 8:01am
lasagne, salad and garlic bread. You can disguise vegetables in the lasagne, make the salad up market for the adults and who doesn't like garlic bread

duckmoon, Jun 21, 8:03am
I like making meals, where people can put it together themselves...
Hamburgers and Burrittos are great, because then the kids eat what they want - and it stops the fights over food.

cerissimo1, Jun 21, 9:27am
diy pizza... ... . . spag bol... ... ... .

beaker59, Jun 21, 11:17am
I'd do a roast with lots of roast veg and for greens brocolli or cabbage are cheap this year. The classics always go down well with kids and Adults and because most of the work is done early before guests arrive you have more time to enjoy the company.

alebix, Jun 22, 9:32am
I know this is so late, but buy a couple of roast chooks from Countdwon or NW, our CD has more specials than NW... .

Make some salads like a warm potato salad, rice salad or do raost potatoes, or even get some hot chips... bread rolls, mesculin mix, coleslaw... .

toxious, Aug 28, 1:04pm
ooooooooooooooooooooooooo I like that idea alebix. Dinner is Saturday, so not too late :)What I might do is chuck a big chicken in the slow cooker in the morning and it'll be done by the evening. Shredded chicken, potatoe salad, green salad. Hmmm and if I'm really good, a homemade soup for an entre? Followed by cheesecake and banoffi pie. This is sounding good lol

I was going to go with the roast, but you've given me an idea I quite like, thanks :)