Finger Food

novices, Jun 20, 11:18pm
Cold please

millenium1, Jun 21, 12:18am
Club Sandwiches, Blinis, Vegetable sticks & dips, Ciabatta Bread with Aioli or Dukkah, Cold Meat Platter, Antipasto Platter, Prawn Kebabs

dorothy_vdh, Jun 21, 12:25am
fruit platter, cheese and crackers, scones with jam and cream

cookessentials, Jun 21, 1:54am
I have bumped up the parties/weddings/gatherings recipe thread. ithas some great ideas which may be of help for you.

duckmoon, Jun 21, 8:07am
mini pikelets with salmon

millenium1, Jun 21, 8:46am
They are 'blini's'

oli3, Aug 25, 9:41am
sushi, cold chicken nibbles

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