What baking can I do with rasberry puree

amarni1, Jun 20, 8:38pm
have a container full that I want to use, any ideas. Muffin recipeor something?

245sam, Jun 20, 10:03pm
amarni1, as it's puree that you have rather than frozen whole berries I don't have any specific recipe suggestions but my first thought was to use the puree as an accompanimente. g. chocolate brownie served with raspberry couli or maybe make a sauce with the puree to serve with a plainish dessert (steamed pudding maybe? ) or icecream or as a pavlova topping.

Hope that helps. :-))

susievb, Jun 20, 10:09pm
Yum, you lucky thing!

off the top of my head cheese cake, fruit pie, jam, mix with soft ice cream and refreeze, add to yogurt, thicken and use as filling to Louise cake type of slice, yum makes me lick my lips just thinking about it.

cookessentials, Aug 22, 5:43pm
Yes, I was going to say a couli as a side to a dessert or cake as i think putting it into any baking would have it just blending in the the dish wheareas, a couli or sauce would be great, especially for something very rich such as a brownie.

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