Any1 made a Crockpot meatloaf before?

cole04, Jun 20, 5:44am
Any1 made a Crockpot meatloaf before?

Have found a recipe i want to try, would be nice to hear some success stories! (my last oven meatloaf was a disaster lol)
or if u have a no fail recipe please feel free to share :)

pink-dragon, Jun 20, 8:15am
Hi there. I use the recipe from Alison Holst crock pot book ( the first red one). Tis great I make it in my Oval crockpot and put small potatoes wrapped in foil around it. 4 hours and it is all done. Will search the recipe if youstill want one.

sherralynne, Jun 20, 8:31am
Hi, we've just had meatloaf for dinner tonight, we made one of Robyn Martin's recipes. It was lovely and we'd definitely recommend trying it. Please post on here if you want the recipe and I'll post it for you.

elliehen, Jun 20, 9:07am
I heard Alison Holst on National Radio last week, giving her famous meatloaf recipe (will be on the website) and she described lowering it into the crockpot on baking paper... .

bunny51, Jun 20, 9:22am
Ooh I woud like the RObyn Martin recipe if you woudn't mind posting it.

ava_kiana, Aug 23, 5:59pm
i made that last one night, i thought it was ok, but no one else did - too soggy they reckon?

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