Is it too late to put carrots in the crockpot now?

mazzy1, Jun 17, 4:30am
I have had my silverside doing its thing since 11. 00am and hope to have dinner around 7. 00pm - is it too late to put carrots in the crockpot now, on low?

holz22, Jun 17, 4:36am
Could you zap them in the microwave for a minute before throwing them in?

mazzy1, Jun 17, 4:41am
hey - that's not a bad idea!

fisher, Jun 17, 4:43am
mazzy1. . just put them in a saucepan with a little salt... par boil to almost done and then add some of the water and carrots to crockpot...
They will adopt the crockpot flavour over the rest of the cooking time

raewyn64, Aug 13, 4:53pm
I chop them up and put them in a saucepan and then spoon out the liquid from the crockpot into the suacepan and boil them in that - takes the usual boiling time but they taste like they have been done with the silverside.

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