Help Marmalade will not set

wineo, Jun 17, 2:00am
Just cooked a marmalade recipie I have used many times out of the Edmonds cook book but it will not set. I have added 2 pkt of jam set mix and still no joy. Any suggestions please

holdenss, Jun 17, 5:28am
jam set mix? depending on your recipe you could always boil up more sugar into it or add arrowroot to thicken or commercially agaragar / colset. or to lesser extent heat cornflour/water to a gel and add

allganic, Jun 17, 10:50am
You could add some freshly squeezed lemon juice - about 1/2 a cup - grate the zest and add too if you want - keep at a rolling boil till setting point reached. Good luck.

wineo, Aug 15, 12:17pm
Thanks (allganic) and (holdenss) jam now set.