Slicing roasted meats

rog.e, Jun 16, 9:16am
Lamb, Hogget, Pork, Venison and Chicken, Turkey etc. .

When you slice roasted meats how thick/thin do you cut the slices?
Maybe beef is cut differently to lamb and lamb dofferently to hogget and so on.


fisher, Jun 16, 9:25am
Old habits die hard... about 5mm for all of them... :}

rog.e, Jun 16, 9:44am
I have never seen any guidelines for the 'best' thickness.

beaker59, Aug 11, 7:05pm
As thin as possible but thats easier said than done a good boneless beef roast can be very easy to get thin even slices but a chook is aproaching dismemberment and a few slices off the breast. lamb I can get some good slices but lots of chunks too. Serving the slices to those who like it that way and chunks to the blokes. Keys are to have a sharp knife a good fork also rest the meat well before carving. with the lamb or hogget leg never carve the meat off the hock remove that and put aside I'll be around to grab it later crunchier the better :)

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