Was given a recipe 4 a cake with NO-

shelter, Jun 15, 12:05pm
eggs, butter and milk but do you think I can find it :(
Does anyone have a recipe for a chocolate cake with non of these ingredients!

whitewolf001, Jun 15, 7:47pm
1. 5C flour
1C sugar
1tsp B Powder
1tsp B Soda
5Tbsp cocoa
1Tbsp white vinegar
1tsp vanilla essence
1/4C oil
1C luke warm water

preheat oven to 180
mix dry ingred. , make a well add wet ingred. mix well, pop in a cake tin & cook for 30min

toya1, Aug 9, 7:11pm
If its for a vegan, you can get replacements for everything :) Egg- organo egg replacer, butter - meadowlea milk - soy My sister is vegan so had a huge problem trying to find recipes, now i just use the normal recipe with the replacements. And to be honest have found that cakes are lighter and not as dry as they used to be.

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