Prunes :-)

jed, Jun 15, 3:26am
What do you do to them to make them plump and juicy? What would you soak them in or are they boiled? TIA

malcovy, Jun 15, 3:38am
An old fashioned way is to soak in cold sweetened tea. An oldie but a goodie.

245sam, Jun 15, 3:44am
jed, prunes can also be plumped by soaking them in fruit juice, or just water but a nice variation on either of those options is water with a little added orange or lemon essence. My Mum has prunes almost every day for breakfast and she enjoys any of those options - when I prepare them for her I bring the liquid (fruit juice or water to the boil, add the essence if using water, then add the prunes and leave them to soak overnight. :-))

jed, Jun 15, 3:48am
Thanks so much. Have just come off a Cruise ship where they had the most yummiest prunes at breakfast. Decided they are now my breakfast favorite. Will try your suggestions. Thanks

245sam, Jun 15, 3:51am
jed, another thought - were the prunes you enjoyed lightly spiced? If so, maybe they were actually prune compote i. e. prunes soaked in a lightly spiced syrup. :-))

jed, Jun 15, 3:53am
No they were just big plump juicy prunes. But the spicy idea is also a good one. Thx

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