Something yummy to take for pot luck tea

courtney2004, Jun 14, 11:58pm
What about--
Peel slice potatoes mix 2packs of Onion soup mix iwth grated cheese and layer in roasting dish with potatoes then onion/cheese mix more potoates finishing off with a layer of onion/cheese mix. Pour milk in to half fill dish and bake in oven until tender - really nice and creamy! ! its a favorite here by far and with everyone who visits.
cook pasta and make white cheese sauce cook mince mix mince and sauce together mix through pasta and add a few mixed vegies if wished put a weetbix slice crumbed on top or some breadcrumbs and cheese bake until hot. - Its like a Lausanga (sp? ) but all mixed up again a real treat for us.

da_kerbsta1, Aug 6, 6:12pm
Potato salad! !
Its gone out of fashion for no good reason!
Bring it back!

Chop up some nadine potatoes and boil them. When cold, add bacon bits, chopped hard boiled eggs, spring onions, or anything else, then stir through Homebrand Potato Salad sauce, 3 bux from Countdown. Its mindblowing.

OR do club sammies, theyre always yum and noone else will have the same, plus you can make well in advance.

OR Pasta salad- boil a pot of pasta, add heaps of grated cheese (While hot so it melts), then when cold add diced capsicum, corn kernels, and a whole heap of Best Foods mayonnaise.

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