Ninja master prep blender

westigal, Jun 14, 11:27pm
Has anyone tried one of these machines? Reviews seem very good on the web, but I am interested in what real people think. Having hand arthritis I need something that is easy to hold and use . My darling old stick blender is getting difficult to use now, and like me starting to fall apart

Was going to by a blender but the big jug on this seems more user friendly, love smoothies so am hoping it really does crush ice like they advertise

fisher, Jun 14, 11:41pm
westigal... read some of the overseas ( read: usa) reviews... they say they are great and it does produce snow but with some effort ...
It doesn't turn onions into mush as others do, the twin blades and multi purpose dual size containers makes it look like I will replace the proverbial magic bullets I have. . Just have to see what price in NZ or bring one in from overseas...

westigal, Aug 6, 11:59am
Thanks fisher, magic bullet was the other one I was considering. Onions are another delema for me, have trouble holding on to them to chop, never thought about looking to buy overseas, thanks for that

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