Kings Soup Mix Pack - could I put in SC?

nfh1, Jun 14, 6:43am
Have just found two packs lurking at the back of the cupboard - could I do in the SC? Would the dried pulses cook properly do you think? Should I reduce the water it says to add.

Many thanks.

ana-marie, Jun 14, 6:49am
I use those kings ones in my slow cooker and they are always yummy, especially the pea and ham one!

bunny51, Jun 14, 7:10am
I always use them when i make soup aswell and they always cook properly. I just put the packet in the crockpot and add whatever veges I want in there and maybe a bacon hock or something and then a carton of liquid stock and then fill the rest of the crockpot up with water.

nfh1, Aug 5, 7:53pm
thanks very much - funnily enough ana-marie it is a Pea & Ham one!

In the SC it goes tomorrow.