Warehouse crockpot - blonde question

bigredmel, Jun 14, 12:43am
can I make up a packet minestrone soup in the crockpot? is there anything I should know if I'm gonna leave it unattended all day?

letitia, Jun 14, 12:59am
Do you mean those larger packets of King or Continental soup? I use them as a base for soup in my slow cooker. I also add a few other vegetables chopped finely. Make sure there is about 2 centimetres space at the top of the pot. I start mine on high and when it comes to the boil after a few hours I turn it to low and leave it. If you're not going to be home, it should be fine on low from the beginning - will just take longer heat up.

just_lookin1, Jun 14, 1:06am
I leave mine on low while i'm at work all day. When i'm on dayshift i leave at 6. 30am and we don't have tea 6pm and the soup is fine.

bigredmel, Jun 14, 1:48am
thnx, will try tomorrow

birdie211, Jun 14, 2:13am
hi all i have a packet of king soup mix vegetable kind, just wondering wat else you guys add 2 it, i have a large oval cockpot tia

speedy_11, Jun 14, 2:33am
whatevers in the house really - i like to grate the larger veges rather than chop.

tehenga288, Jun 14, 4:37am
I also grate my vege- works well

fisher, Aug 5, 7:52am
birdie211 ~ bigredmel
you can make your own base vege stock when preparing a meal in your crockpot... some water in a saucepan. . tsp of salt. . some peppercorns and a couple of bay leaves. . Now add all your peelings from your carrots, kumura, swede, potatoes, and then any cabbage, onion, celery tops and outer peelings and wizened veges you may have in the fridge, chopped up and added to the pot... Lid on and boil adding a little more water half way through the 40 or so mins... Strain this off and you have your own vege stock. . discard the peelings. .
For chicken or beef stock, just add the required oxo cube... Don't use leek tops as it tends to overpower the flavour somewhat. .
Now I use a LOT of stock so rotate and make this every time I peel any veges and use oldest first... Great for soups and also stews. .
Just cook your kings soup mix in water for 30-40 mins on high. . add all including cooking water to the crockpot. Add the strained stock you just made. Par boil your cubed veges in a saucepan on the stove top and add ALL to the crockpot including the water. . Crockpot on high, stir and season as required. . Turn down to low later and when ready to serve. . spoon out 1/4 of the veges into asaucepan with some soup juice and blend with a stick blender. . add back to the soup to thicken. . Final taste test and re season if needed... . Nice fresh bread with lashings of butter... .

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