What's that dessert? ...

cjade, Jun 14, 12:43am
What is that dessert that is vanilla ice cream in a dish and then marshmallow stuff is poured over it and it is baked in the oven? I thought it was baked alaska but that has meringue and sponge layers. Does anyone know what this one is?

cookessentials, Jun 14, 1:28am
Baked Alaska is the name of it. it has a cake base, with ice cream and then it is covered in meringue and baked in the oven till glden. traditionally it is then set afalme. We used to have them on the ship and they would turn out all the lights and all you would see was waiters carrying these flaming desserts into the dining room.

cookessentials, Jun 14, 1:29am
That is the only one I am aware of like this

cjade, Aug 11, 11:13pm
Oh ok. Thanks. Maybe this was just some invention of the lady I lived with. I will try a baked alaska but probably wont chance setting it on fire lol. Thanks a lot