Where can I buy chocolate moulds?

deejayrobbied, Jun 13, 11:12pm
I want to do superhero moulds. I have seen them all over the internet to buy already made but wondered if there was somewhere in NZ where I could buy the mould to make them myself. I am looking for somethings like a superhero, batman symbol, superman etc. Thanks

245sam, Jun 13, 11:21pm
deejayrobbied, I'mnot sure that you'll find what you're wanting on the following link but it's worth a look at anyway:-

http://homestylechocolates.co.nz/index. php? option=com_virtue

If you have a Spotlight and/or Bin Inn nearby you should be able to find the Homestyle brand of chocolate moulds at both of those shops.

Hope that helps. :-))

deejayrobbied, Jun 14, 12:42am
thanks 245sam. . I checked out the site but no superhero stuff. I have found one I really want but on Ebay so still waiting to see if they will ship to NZ. it has superman, Batman and Spiderman on the one mould.

bigredmel, Jun 14, 12:44am
you could always ask the cake decorating shops in your area

deejayrobbied, Jun 14, 1:30am
I have asked a couple by phone but they don't have the moulds to sell. They make the chocs and sell them like that. I want to make quite a few and trying to seep costs down. thanks

katje, Aug 5, 6:09pm
search on trademe. I got some spider ones once on here

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