Studying for test: Can't find collops cut of lamb?

unicstudent, Jun 13, 8:04am
Hi, I am studying for a test tomorrow and can find one definition of collops being a very fine slice of meat, but I know it also relates to a specific cut of lamb (and maybe beef). This is the information most relevant but I can't find where the cut comes from - maybe near the neck or loin? Can anyone help? ? I would be most grateful :)

toadfish, Jun 13, 8:14am
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Collops are slices of meat. The derivation of the term is uncertain. It appears to be related to the Swedish word kallops, rather than to the French word escalope. [1]

In Elizabethan times, "collops" came to refer specifically to slices of bacon. Shrove Monday, also known as Collop Monday, was traditionally the last day to cook and eat meat before Lent, when that was a period of fasting from meat. A traditional breakfast dish was collops of bacon topped with a fried egg.

Scotch Collops are a traditional Scottish dish. It can be created using either thin slices or minced meat of either beef, lamb or venison. This is combined with onion, salt, pepper, and suet, then stewed, baked or roasted with optional flavourings according to the meat used. It is traditionally served garnished with thin toast and mashed potato.

The methods used to create this dish in its various guises have direct parallels with the Middle Eastern treatment of meat in such dishes as koftas.

A collop is also used to name a measure of land sufficient to graze one cow

unicstudent, Jun 13, 8:19am
Thanks toadfish - I have this definition but I know that there is another relating to a cut from a particular area of the carcass and I cannot find it! Grrr! !, Jun 13, 8:19am
Hmm I know when it comes to pork the collops are another name for bacon.

When i comes to lamb the closest I can find comes out to be Leg steaks., Jun 13, 8:23am
The answer to this must be somewhere in your assessment material however (assuming this is NZQA? ) I'm an ex educator so know that if it is NZQA the info you seek will be in your actual course material somewhere.

unicstudent, Jun 13, 8:31am
A collop is also used to name a measure of land sufficient to graze one cow


BTW I love this definition of collop toadfish! ! :)I would love to throw THAT in the conversation with the farmers I know (my life has revolved around farms) and see what looks I get and how many know what I am talking about! !

unicstudent, Aug 2, 8:17am
Hmmm, after some hours of searching, I have finally found a recipe for collops of lamb, using a rack of lamb! ! ? ? Hmm, that is a new one for me :)

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