Would you eat chicken that has been

dinkypinky, Jun 13, 8:06am
sitting in the car boot for the last 6 hours? Crazy I know - but it got left there accidently after supermarket shopping today. $10 chick breasts - seems such a waste to throw out but I am nervous about food poisoning! It's been a coldish day here so not sitting in sun.

purplegoanna, Jun 13, 8:07am
yes definately... ...

dollmakernz, Jun 13, 8:08am
yes! Be different if it was a warm sunny day but shouldn't be any problem if its cold!

brish, Jun 13, 8:09am
I'm in Wellington too and on a day like today, I'm sure it was almost like being in the fridge. I would use it, just make sure it's well cooked.

dinkypinky, Jun 13, 8:10am
OK - seems unanimous! Will cook them (well) tomorrow night! :)

unicstudent, Jun 13, 8:10am
I would use them in something that took long slow cooking such as a casserole or pie to be safe. But eat, cover and chill, or freeze straight away.

uli, Jun 13, 9:04am
Of course - it has been a cool day and you are hopefully going to cook it before eating ? ? ?

biker_69, Jun 13, 9:40am
No problem.

beaumonde, Aug 2, 5:16pm
If you didn't have your heater on or it was in the boot, it was pretty cold here today, I agreewith uni student, cook it in a casserole ( not in the microwave) well over 70C and hold that temp for a while.

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