Best brand of beef stock ?

biddy6, Jun 13, 7:04am
I usually make my own but don't have time to do so in time for the Meat and Potato pie (gotta keep my pommie happy) I'll be making for Wednesdays dinner. When I don't have any home made in the freezer, I usually use campbells - but the last time I used it, it tasted quite yucky.

What's your favourite brand?

karenz, Jun 13, 7:15am
I think Campbells is yukky too, with a long list of ingredients on the label, I find the liquid stocks sold in either Countdown or Pak n Save (though I think it is Countdown) are really nice and if you read the list of ingredients it is just basically that, stock. They are in a soft container with a pouring spout and keep in the fridge for at least a week when opened.

bunny51, Jun 13, 10:04am
That is the signiture range stock and sold in countdown/woolworths and I suppose foodtown.

biddy6, Aug 6, 7:07pm
Thanks girls - using the signature brand today and it definitely smells and tastes better than the other brand.

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