Baby/Toddler meal ideas...

mel1140, Jun 13, 6:14am
i have a 10 month old baby who isnt keen on lumps and has just started properly eating finger foods like fish fingers vege sticks etc. But i dont really have many idea on what to make her for dinner because she cant eat food that is very lumpy or solid yet. Ideas would be greatly appreciated

cookessentials, Aug 1, 12:43pm
You should be able to give her a main meal that you can put through a kitchen whizz, blender or mouli, this will make it soft and palatable enough for her to manage. A little meat, some greens such as brocolli, pumpkin, potato, perhaps kumara and carrots. You can use cooked chicken or lamb or beef. What ever main meal we had, I just put through the whizz for my son which made it very easy. You can stew apples and then pop them through the whizz as well to give her pureed fruit.