Eeeek HELP!!!

missmalice, Jun 13, 3:31am
Ooops, in my half asleep state this morning, i read my chicken caccitore recipe as 3 & 3/4 CANS of chopped tomatoes instead of CUPS haha - it's in the slow cooker - will it ruin the meal? Or will I just need to strain some liquid at the end?

Please help! :)

glendeb, Jun 13, 3:47am
I would taste it now and see if you think it needs extra seasoning. (perhaps some extra basil, oregano, and chicken stock)

It may also need to be thickened with some cornflour and water.

I would then serve it up with as much sauce as you would like, then freeze the extra for another night. Then all you would need to do is add some more chicken and cook again in the crockpot.

Disaster averted!

karenz, Jun 13, 3:58am
If it appears that there is definitely too much liquid in there I would take out the excess tomatoes and use them in another recipe or even for next time you make caccitore. As already mentioned you may have to adjust the herbs and seasonings. I prefer reducing the liquid by turning the crockpot up to high and leaving the lid off rather than thickening, but that is a personal choice.

rolznsp, Jun 13, 4:02am
add some cornflour and water mix to thicken... will be very tomato-ie. but yummy!

missmalice, Jul 31, 12:01am
hehe thanks :p
I might try and get rid of some of the liquid then thicken the rest and add more seasoning... what a dill! haha

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