Can you suggest

coolthree, Jun 13, 2:15am
some good flovoring for a cassorle in the slow cooker, sick of just throwing stuff in and hoping for the best.

td-cw, Jun 13, 2:42am
gravey mix (with more water) and a dash of wine :)

coolthree, Jun 13, 2:47am
Thanks, i have red wine in there, normal, onions garlic caps sweated down first, just shook up some corriander paste, sweet chillie sauce, seasoning and cornflour.

glendeb, Jun 13, 3:49am
I like to use a packet of oxtail soup or beef and tomato soup sachets. Then add onions, garlic, chopped carrots, cubed potatoes, some wine, then stock to taste

coolthree, Jun 13, 4:12am
Yeah thats the same as me, except i use kumera, instead of potatoes, but have never used a packet, i'm trying to stay with fresh. Although must admit i have Campbells stock in the pantry.

karenz, Jun 13, 4:24am
With the combination you mentioned in #3 I wouldn't recommend this this time around, but a dash of soy sauce, especially a good brand like Kikkoman Tamari adds a good rich flavour, but cut down on the salt if you use this.

martine5, Jul 31, 9:01am
I brown carrots, onions, celery and bacon, they add beef stock, red wine and tomtoes and reduce this down for about an hour. Strain and popit in so its really flavoursome to begin with. Then I season the flour (salt and pepper and sometimes a little curry powder) brown the meat and then the onions and lastly pop in the garlic. To this I usually add a bit of worchester sauce and a couple of extra tins of toms. Salt and pepper and a little sugar to take the acidity out of the toms. Add any vegies and then fresh herbs a couple of hours before its ready and I really enjoy the flavour of these hotpots.

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