Muffins Sinking...

missmack78, Jun 12, 11:23pm
every time I get my muffins out of the oven they look great, when I transfer them tot he bench to cool down they sink horribly in the middle? is this because I am covering them with a tea towel while they cool? ? ?

tasmum, Jun 12, 11:31pm
Could be because you have taken them out of the oven too soon and they are not quite cooked through? ?

jessie981, Jun 13, 12:37am
I put mine on an elvated wire tray & leave 10 mins before going around the edge with a knife before removing.
could also be you aven't cooked them long enough. I cook Choc Caramel 220 for 15mins. (just a guide for you)

calista, Jun 13, 1:37am
I suggest you test them with a cake tester before taking them out of the oven. Individual ovens cook slightly differently, so they may not be cooked even if you follow the recipe closely.

Also I do as jessie does (except for the 'test' one, which I can't resist taking too soon).

dulouz, Jun 13, 2:57am
A number of possible reasons:

Mixture too wet - look at the recipe
Oven not hot enough.

harrislucinda, Jul 30, 5:17pm

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