Recommend a slow cooker please

jojo76, Jun 12, 10:14am
I got a sunbeam corckpot when me and my husband first moved in together and love it, but now ive got 2 hungry kids, it not quite big enough.
So im looking at the oval ones, cause they would be easier to fit a big chook in, so any particular brand better than others?
I should be able to pick one up fairly cheap at a briscoes sale aye?

kate777, Jun 12, 10:56am
I bought a massive oval one from the Warehouse and I love it. I've used it so many times since I bought it last winter and it makes a heap of soup or casseroles or whatever.
Mine has defrost, low and high settings. I forget the price, but I would recommend it highly.

calista, Jun 13, 2:05am
After I killed my Breville (due to my own stupidity) I went looking for a new crockpot and ended up with a 6 litre Russell Hobbs. Both have been good, but I chose the RH because it allowed me to auto cook which means that the first hour cooks on high, then it switches to low, which gives the food a good start.

If you want to be able to keep food warm however some other c/ps have a setting for that. I have never used it as I don't have other people coming in for a meal at different times, but I can see it might be useful for families. I don't know how safe this is for the growth of bacteria, (probably that takes longer) but someone eslse may be able to answer that.

timetable, Jun 13, 2:27am
we have a large breville and it is awesome! ! ! put on low before we leave and come home to yummy tea or put on overnight to then reheat in the oven or whatever and it rocks... .

ffloss, Jun 13, 5:02am
We have a Russell Hobbs s/c which we got with our Flybuys. It is the 6litre one and we find it excellent and I use the Auto on it most of the time. Good luck.

mel1140, Jul 31, 10:17pm
i got a george forman one. it cooks everything nicely, havent had a problem with it. i think it was from noel lemming or briscoes

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