Making a Pav... Help Please...

cherstu, Feb 16, 2:06am
I dont have any caster sugar :(
Can i use normal sugar but just crush it heaps? ? ? ? ?
Want to surprise hubby before he gets home :)

margyr, Feb 16, 2:07am
should work ok, but be naked as well and then he wont notice if the pav does not work.

cherstu, Feb 16, 2:08am
LOFLlove it... . Thanks :)

pam.delilah, Feb 16, 2:15am
you can process normal sugar in the food processor, short bursts for a few seconds, to turn it in to caster sugar

amazing_grace, Feb 16, 2:26am
I dont think I have ever used castor sugar in my life! I always just use white sugar...

cherstu, Feb 16, 2:41am
well ive done the crush the normal stuff and as its a microwave recipe it is cooked and ready for devouring after dinner, will let you know how it turned out... . Looks ok tho, hasnt dropped in the middle or anything, so much quicker than in the oven! ! ! :)

talent.scout, Feb 16, 2:55am
Ive never microwaved a pav in my life!

Do you use the same recipe?

i think i like the crunchy outer shell from an oven baked pav... .

cherstu, Aug 15, 4:49pm
Well the pav was good, but i cooked it too soon and it went soggy and sticky, but i put it in the oven on low and was yummo, crunchy shell and ok inside.

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