Small amounts in a large crockpot

missmack78, Jun 12, 2:30am
If I am wanting to make a smaller amount in a crockpot can i do this or do i need to place it in a heatproof container inside the crockpot, I have a banquet 6. 5 litre breville slow cooker which is large and oval but there are only two of us and I think if I use a smaller amount of meat and liquid that it will end up a disaster as the liquid will not cover the meat etc? ? ? - help advice please

fifie, Jun 12, 2:55am
I have a older crockpot and for 2 of us bought another smaller bowl which i sit on 2 jam jar rings to keep it off the bottom of big bowl so the heat circulates. Just use a pyrex dish you have, long as its oven proof it should work. I use it a lot for rice pudding, self saucing puddings, steamed puddings and baking loaves. As far as meat dishes go i just use the bigger inner and make a big brew, stews, roasts, chops, mince, lasagne, chooks etc as sometimes i like to put leftovers in the freezer for my lazy non cooking days lol. .

alebix, Jun 12, 2:55am
I have a 6. 5 litre crockpot and make small amounts in it... I dont use a smaller container in it. .

robyn35, Jul 27, 4:45pm
I purchased a small round slowcooker for about $39 on sale at briscoes, it is great for smaller amounts or for making puddings

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