Im looking for something different...

mel1140, Jun 12, 1:50am
to make for dinner. I seem to have a list of things which always get cooked, but im looking some so new inexpensive, easy meal ideas? if anyone can give me some ideas it would be greatly appreciated

juliewn, Jun 12, 7:15am
Hi Mel. . if you type 'meals' into the search bar to the left, and change the date posted to anytime, by clicking on the little blue down arrow, lots of goodies come up. .

Hope this helps. . and let us know what you'd like to base a recipe on - ie. . lamb chops, mince, etc. . so we can help. .

roys351, Jun 12, 8:41am
onion and vegie soup
gently fry 2 onions in soup pot with 1 tbsp marg until see thru, add 1tbsp flour mix add 2 litre water stir until it thickens let simmer for 10 mins stirring often add 1or2 cup of frozen veg simmer until cooked thru add 2 tbsp beef stock or to taste dont forget a bit of s&p

mel1140, Aug 1, 8:09am
thanks, i will try these, sounds yum roy351

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