Shepards Pie QUestion

e_babe, Jun 9, 11:59pm
Does the lamb have to be minced or could I just finely chop. I do have a food processor but thought I would just chop up the lamb add gravy and veges etc

margyr, Jun 10, 12:01am
will be fine, and save you the time of getting out and cleaning the processor.

e_babe, Jun 10, 12:18am
Thanks that was the plan I hate cleaning the food processor so thought I would just chop up.

beaker59, Jun 10, 11:19am
I finely chop mine. Mum minced hers, both ways are great.

juliewn, Jun 10, 11:37am
When you've finished using a processor, place some warm or hot water - about a cupful, in it, lid on firmly and cover the spout part , and whizz. . makes it easier to clean. .

lizab, Jun 10, 9:27pm
That's just what we had for dinner last night, but I used leftover roast beef. Whizzed the beef up in the food processor. Fried a big chopped onion in oil, added the beef, a can of tomatoes, a squirt of tomato sauce, some worcestershire sauce, a cup of beef stock and 2 bay leaves. Simmered for about 15 mins before putting in oven proof bowl, topped with cheesey mashed potatoes and baked at 200* til golden. Was yum!

senj, Jul 25, 6:46pm
I think you'll find that is cottage pie, but then who really cares as long as the end result is, as you say YUM ! !

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