Choux (?sp) pastry cases

gildon, Jun 9, 3:40am
I want to make about four dozen of these for a function on Sunday. Would really like to make them tomorrow but have never made them that far ahead before - do you clever cooks out there think they will keep OK until Sunday? ? I will not be filling them until Sunday. I make savoury ones, leaving out the sugar, adding pepper and salt instead and using a savoury filling. They will be served hot.

cookessentials, Jun 9, 4:06am
choux cases ( such as profiteroles) can be stored in an airtight container. Make sure they are cold first and that you have pricked them after cooking to allow any steam that can accumulate disperse so they dont go soft. They can also be frozen once cooked if that is easier.

melandshane, Jun 9, 4:07am
just keep then in airtight containers until the day and then just but them back in the oven to dry them out if they have gone soft? IMO anyway

gildon, Jul 20, 6:03pm
Thanks cookessentials, that is what I hoped would be the case but thought I would just like to make sure.

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