psychicxpress, Jun 8, 10:00pm
I would like to get back into doing preserves. I haven't seen the jars around for ages. Where is the best and cheapest place to buy them?

pickles7, Jun 8, 10:56pm
what are you preserving at this time of the year? ? ?

ttwisty, Jun 8, 11:46pm
try second hand or op shops you may have to ask

samsnan, Jun 9, 4:22am
Poster 1 you can preserve straight into any pop top jars. With only 2 of us I always do beetroot into smaller pop top jars (pasta sauce etc)large size jam jars. Once family had left home I gave all my large preserving jars to op shop but kept the smaller size ones.

cookessentials, Jun 9, 4:54am
Arthur Holmes in Wellington does just about every jar imaginable in glass or plastic, from jars, to bottles etc. Just Google Arthur Holmes.

laser51, Jun 9, 5:30am
Pays to shop around even in the second hand shops, as their prices can vary from $1 to $5 for the agee jars.

psychicxpress, Jun 9, 5:37am
Thanks everyone...
Seems I'm going on a hunting expedition... =)

Apples... Lots of Luvely Stewed apples, just like my Grandma used to make ;)

raewyn64, Jun 9, 5:52am
are you wanting the large agee jars? I have some but have found them too large for hubby and I and so have been using smaller pasta/jam size jars.
Let me know and I could put an auction up if you want the large ones.

dwebble, Jun 9, 11:05pm
I used to see agee jars for sale at the supermarket. Not sure these days. I just go to the opshop and grab ordinary jam and coffee jars etc as well as get others to save jars for me.

Myself and two friends recently did a 20kg bag of pickled onions and we ended up with quite a surplus of jars as we put a call out on freecyle for jars too.

cookessentials, Jun 9, 11:53pm

psychicxpress, Jun 10, 6:57am
I see you are in Tauranga too Raewyn64.
Yes I am after larger jars because I have the grandies living with me now, the fruit and fruit based items don't last too long on the shelf anymore.
May I come back in and affirm that I would like you to place the jars in trademe please? I have to make sure I have the extra finances to buy.

Many thanks =)

psychicxpress, Jun 10, 6:59am
Thank you so much cookessentials.
I've added this link to my favourites. Its a dream site to play in.

raewyn64, Jun 10, 7:34am
No problem at all, just post back here - I keep a watch on it daily.

pickles7, Jun 10, 10:00am
nice. We are out to strip the grannies tomorrow. . Prune as we go. They are at there best after a frost. I prefer to freeze them, and save the 1 kg. yogurt containers just for apples. . Apples mixed with feijoas are very nice, if they are still around.

antsm, Jun 10, 10:36pm
Hi Chef_raewyn64,
I would be interested in buying your agee jars.
Are they the screw on lid type? and how tall are they?

psychicxpress, Jun 12, 11:54am
Sorry I was late in getting back in... Computer problems can be such a bore.
Thank you for your suggestion about Apples and fejoias. Sounds really yummy.
I'm going to have to stew and bottle as our freezer storage is a premium at the moment... and I don't think that there is anything more beautiful than opening the cupboards and seeing miles of shiney glass jars full of every different kind of preserved fruit in front of you. Its one of my most precious memories of Grandma's house. There was even jars stored on the studs of the walls of the garage. =)

psychicxpress, Jun 12, 11:57am
Thank you so much Raewyn.
It will take a couple of weeks til the balance is back... I'm working on it ;)

psychicxpress, Jun 12, 12:02pm
PS... Whatever happened to those lovely old fashioned cooking apple tree's that almost every back garden in NZ used to have?

uli, Jun 12, 9:14pm
They all got cut out because people do not preserve any more ... hey I have been told so often on here that "busy mums" have no time for cooking from scratch and that simmer sauces and such like are not optional anymore but necessary for survival ... where would the time come from to peel and stew apples - when you can buy it all tinned in the supermarket (from China) ... LOL :)

buzzy110, Jun 13, 1:55am
#1. For smaller jars I used to get out early on recycle day, before the collectors had been through and gather up jars from the recycle bins. I chose those that had been food jars and which weren't very clean so that I knew they'd been used then dumped, rather than those that may have had something else in them.

I'd then soak in a big bucket of steriliser, wash clean then put through the dishwasher. After that it was a bother to remove the labels but got quite good at it. Now my jars get delivered to my door by grateful acquaintances who benefit from my jam, marmalade, relish, etc, making because I don't actually eat much of what I make.

buzzy110, Jun 13, 1:57am
Some Pak-n-Saves sell the jars but new, they are quite expensive I think. I gathered masses from op shops and by going to school and church fairs. Also scored a lot from my sister who had snaffled ALL of my mother's jars when she passed away, before anyone else got a look in. My mother had trillions of them.

pickles7, Jul 31, 6:48pm
I bought peaches here in Hastings for 50 cents a kg, this year . All my jars got filled with peaches, then I made 23 liters of peach wine from soaking the skins and stones for 24 hours in boiling water. . I have yet to bottle that , it is still clearing, tastes nice right now, but is not clear enough to bottle. .

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