Tagine Dish

wellygoggles, Jun 7, 9:32am
I've just bought one off TM and its china, not terracotta as I thought it would be. Will it still cook the same? Also, how do I cook with it? I presume inside not on top of the stove. Note to self:think before bidding on here LOL

katalin2, Jun 7, 9:57am
you need to be careful as some are just for serving the meal in and not for cooking in. When we were in Morocco a couple of years ago lots of restaurants served the meal up in these- the ones they were served in when cooked in were heavy clay ones which stood up to being cooked direct on hot coals. Need to know if your one is fireproof or not.

cookessentials, Jun 7, 10:32am
Is it any particular "brand"? or if you have a link to the auction. Many of the tagines available are suitable only for in the oven. The Emile Henry tagines can be used on the stove top as well as in the oven. You must always heat GENTLY and with food in them ie: dont heat an empty tagine on the stove top. There are a number of great tagine recipes - a tagine is not only the name of the vessel, but also the name of the dish that is made in it. The meats are super tender when cooked in a tagine and very very tasty. You can prepare on the stove top with the EH ones and then finish slowly in the oven.

wron, Jun 8, 9:45am
China and terracotta are both forms of pottery as are stoneware and porcelain.
Terracotta is fired to a lower temperature like orange planter pots from any nursery and old-fashioned field tiles used for drainage and isn't usually glazed- also isn't completely waterproof, China is glazed like most crockery, stoneware is fired to an even higher temperature and porcelain the highest of them all - 1300degrees C+

purplegoanna, Jul 19, 9:47am
id use the one you purchased in the oven definatley...