Venison Eye fillet-what to do with it?

fhpottery, Jun 7, 5:25am
I have been given these little pieces of fresh Venison eye fillet. What is the best thing to do with them? I have no eye-dear (little joke there; pip-de-pip)
Thought of a little salad thing, with garlic etc.

cookessentials, Jun 7, 5:33am

nfh1, Jun 7, 5:35am
I just pan fry it quickly - it does not take much cooking, and will dry out if you cook it too long.

I love Venison!

fhpottery, Jun 7, 6:18am
Thanks//www.mate-good one:::-Yum/bearnaise-yumm, your help--==//appreciated! -bacon mmmmmmm

beaker59, Jul 15, 10:46pm
If you were given them then it would be the back straps as the inside fillets rarely get given away, as a hunter they are eaten by me and my wife and they are flash fried whole the best cut of meat you will ever try. Back straps are really good fried whole also if they are from a small deer like a fallow or a Sika cut into 6 inch lenghts then roll in garlic and then fast fry rolling in the pan to medium rare then slice into medallions to serve. or just fast fry the steaks. I love to fry in beef Lard because the venison itself doesn't have enough fat of its own. Deglaze with port and then make a gravy in the pan.