Can I use long grain rice for rice pudding???

bananabear, Jun 7, 5:03am
dont have any short or medium
TIA :)

catlover28, Jun 7, 5:09am
Well I do and its fine.

bananabear, Jun 7, 5:12am
Thanks shall give it a go :)

lilyfield, Jun 7, 6:44am
i usually do use any leftover long grain rice and turn into pudd next day. simmer it in milk and put your stickblender through it to break upthe grains a bit-but not fully

mwood, Jun 7, 7:01am
add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the long grain for a rice pudding - this will help break it down

biddy6, Jun 7, 9:11am
You know I haven't been able to buy short grain for months now - tried all 3 supermarkets in my area. Anyone else having the same problem?

candice6, Jun 7, 9:50am
yes i was having that problem i did see some at pak and save in boxes said it was short grain i now go to bin in or the organic shop in napier has it short grain is the best i make it in the microwave now saves so much time too me it taste the same as the canned stuff never new what it was till about two months ago

rkcroft, Jun 7, 11:31pm
Just buy arborio rice as its short grain and readily available in most supermarkets.

chevyfireball, Jul 17, 10:54pm
whats a gd rec for rice pudding i havent madeit in yrs hubby adores it! ! is there one with whipped cream?

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