Advice on small saucepan please.

chicco2, Jun 6, 1:12am
I am so over my small milk saucepan, it catches on the bottom everytime its used. So I am looking to replace it. Any suggestions or recommendations? I would love to be able to make mustard, parsley and other sauces on the stovetop without the caught stuff on the bottom. Thanks.

lilyfield, Jun 6, 3:37am
got a microwave?

if not--always rinse your saucepans with cold water first. and don't walk away from it- keep stirring

ferita, Jun 6, 3:49am
Use a small nonstick wok and a wooden bamboo whisk to stir the sauce.
No sticking and no lumps :)

elliehen, Jun 6, 10:33am
Also, be patient and keep the heat low...

kate777, Jun 6, 11:53am
What is a milk saucepan and how is it different from a normal pot?

I can only assume that your element is on too high and/or you're not stirring it enough at the critical stages. Don't leave milk or milk based sauces on the heat without regular stirring or try using a double boiler ( a frypan with water in it underneath) when cooking out sauces.

I don't use microwaves for sauces and I don't have any problem, I only use a basic copper bottom pot too.

chicco2, Jun 7, 4:28am
Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. I think the problem is that the saucepan has been burnt before (thanks Hubby) and even with low heat and constant stirring it often catches, its like the base is stuffed. LOL. I was hoping to buy a new one and wanted some suggestions of preferable brands, but, maybe any new one as long as its not got a burnt bum.

cookessentials, Jun 7, 5:35am
A milk pan differs from an ordinary saucepan by:
A size
B usually one or two pouring lips
C: It does not come with a lid

cookessentials, Jun 7, 5:45am
The infinite circulon saucepan ( with lid) 16cm would be most suitable.

chicco2, Jun 7, 5:57am
Thanks cooke, I was hoping you might be around. I couldnt find anything on your listings. Do you have any in stock? I also heard that Lodge make a niceone too.

chicco2, Jun 7, 6:21am
Ok, thanks. Are you allowed to answer questions about either sort on here or only if you have a listing for them? I dont want to get yu in trouble.

cookessentials, Jun 7, 6:28am
You can ask me any question you like on the auction if that is better for you. I dont mind answering them here but sadly there ARE those who see that as self promotion, so perhaps best to ask on the auction instead.

chicco2, Jun 7, 6:39am
Thanks, I see you have 1 listed now. It is lovely, but, unfortunately its rather more than I can afford at the moment. I appreciate your help. My Sister lives in your area and loves your shop, by the way.

cookessentials, Jun 7, 7:05am
No problem. If you want a specific "milk pan" there is a "Vienti" which is good and it has the pouring lip and encapsulated base for good heating. Glad your sister likes the shop.

chicco2, Jun 7, 7:35am
I need a pot to make sauce, plain and simple. If you think the Vienti milk pot will do that and you have 1to list I will look at it. Thanks

chicco2, Jul 16, 4:18am
I need to go out now, but, will check in later, Thanks.

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