Slower cook and using a plate? Help

cartooncath, Jun 5, 2:26am
Hi All, just brought a lovely black slow cooker today and have been reading the old threads and the face book info. A lot of people talk about using a plate upside down to raise food e. g. chicken, assume so it doesn't sit in it's own fat all day. Is there any special type of plate or could you just use a bread and butter plate? Doesn't it get too hot and explode? I know it's a dumb question but rather ask now than plan to cook tea and come home and find exploded plate in the middle of it all... . . it wouldn't be worth the grizzles from the hungry man and child... . lol... . much easier to ask blond questions? ? ? ?

harrislucinda, Jun 5, 2:35am
no theonly timeaplateisneedediswhenbakingacake
mostallothermeatsarecookedstraighton thebottomalsowhenmaking aricepudyou standbowl in water

fifie, Jun 5, 2:46am
I do alison and simon holsts paprika roast chicken quite a bit on a upturned bread and butter, or a old upturned saucer, to keep the chicken out of the fat, and have never had any problems with it exploding so far. . Some puddings i sit 2 preserving jar rings in the bottom of big bowl then sit my smaller bowl with puddings in on top of this and it works for me...

chooky, Jun 5, 2:53am
I did Alison & Simon Holsts roast chicken a couple of weeks ago. First time I have ever used a saucer and was abit worried, but no problems at all and the chicken was yum, I'll do that recipe again. I have also done rice pudding in the crock pot, just straight in, and that was yum too.

cuddles3, Jun 5, 3:13am
Fifie can you post the chicken recipe here please.

cartooncath, Jun 5, 3:51am
Thanks so much everyone, yes would love the recipe as well please, read good things about her books.

fifie, Jun 5, 5:11am
Whole chicken in the crockpot Simon & Alison Holst recipe. Turn cooker on to heat up then Rub chicken all over with a little oil. Combine 1 Tsp curry powder, 1 Tsp paprika, 1 Tblsp flour, 1 tsp oregano and 1 tsp dried thyme . Rub this mixture over all the chicken. If you have fresh herbs place a few sprigs inside the chicken cavity or cut up a lemon and place inside. Place upturned bread and butter plate in the bottom of your cooker sit the chicken on this breast side upwards as it keeps itout of the fat and juices that come out of the chicken. Cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 8-10 hours. When cookedyou will have a nice tender moist chicken, with a golden skin from the paprika and curry powder...

cuddles3, Jun 5, 5:51am
Thanks sounds lovely

jyc22, Jun 7, 1:06pm
The elements for the slow cookers are around the outer pot, there are no elements on the bottom. So safe to put a saucer.

just_lookin1, Jul 17, 4:08pm
that sounds good fifie. i usually just tip a jar of honey chick, sweet & sour, butter chick or something similar over my chook. turns out ok but pale. mite try that one tomorrow night...

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