My muffins got stuck in the peper cases

mumto3, Jun 4, 4:15am
so only half of it is actully coming out. Can anyone recommend a decent paper case that doesn't stick to the muffin permanently

cookessentials, Jun 4, 4:20am
what sort are they? as i think the old "jaytee" from the supermarket are nothing like they used to be.

zub26, Jun 4, 4:25am
Maybe let them cool right down. I find this works with our muffin cases although a hot muffin is always good!

pickles7, Jun 4, 4:30am
paint this on your tins with a paint brush, [all oil will not work]
tin glide . . Maybe cook, using a hotter oven. .
melt 4ozs of fat add 1oz of vege oil, stir in 2 ozs flour. mix well. keep out of the fridge, in a cool place. You may need to melt and stir a bit to use.

standard, Jun 4, 9:21am
Hi pickles7, by "fat" do you mean lard or dripping? or? ? ?

alebix, Jun 5, 12:53am
fat generally means butter or oil...

I can only suggest that you let the muffins/cupcakes cool completely, that way they will come out of the cases perfectly. .

fmgirl, Jun 5, 3:16am
If I let the muffins cool down then they come out of the paper cases fine.

holdenss, Jun 5, 3:33am
Yup cool right down normally dose the trick or brush the paper with cold water gets it off aswell(last resort)

winnie15, Jun 5, 3:57am
i always have to spray the cases with cooking spray . .

davewendy, Jul 8, 6:45pm
Failing all that, do what I do, which is cut up squares of baking paper and push down into muffin pan. This works a treat and there's never a sticking problem. I gave up on paper muffin cases for the same reason!

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