Is it alright to freeze cooked chicken?

susan21, Jun 3, 4:37am
Cooked 2 roast chickens and have lots of leftover meat, so wondering how it would freeze.

cookessentials, Jun 3, 4:44am
perfectly fine so long as it is cold before you freeze it.

245sam, Jun 3, 4:46am
susan21, yes I do so and find it to be successful, but for safety I suggest that you freeze just the meat (no bones, etc. ) and use the bones, trimmings, etc. for making some stock, either to use or freeze for later use - you could freeze the meat AND gravy (if you have any leftover) together as ready to thaw, heat and eat plated meals or meal-sized lots OR alternatively just freeze the meat for whatever later use you may have for it. :-))

susan21, Jun 3, 4:49am
Have never thought to freeze it before, its always gone to the dog. Thanks thats great! ! !

fisher, Jun 3, 5:36am
... or you could take those tasty bones and meat and make a magic homemade chicken soup. . Freeze any soup left over in ice cream plastic tubs. .

liamjosh, Jun 4, 3:14am
I freeze it all the time but have only ever used it to boil up and make soup. I would have thought it would have been all stringy and dry.

susan21, Jul 6, 4:15pm
My boys usually take care of most of the leftovers, in sammies etc.
Ive always been a bit worried about keeping cooked chicken longer than 2 days in the fridge, so the dog usually gets any thats left after that time. Never realised that it would freeze OK. Fantastic! !