Rice pudding.

sparrow33, Jun 3, 4:17am
I am making a crock pot rice pudding that calls for reduced milk. If I use rice milk for a lactose intolerant friend will the recipe still be OK? ?

pickles7, Jun 3, 4:28am
ask your friend. . I have a friend who hardly eats anything someone else cooks for her , just in case. That is because the effects of contamination, is so sever.

winnie15, Jun 3, 8:04am
should be ok , but rice milk has no thickness to it ? ?
I'm lactose intolerant and i use liddels lactose free milk, tastes and acts like milk . . it's usually on the shelf by the soy milks.

zappi, Jul 4, 5:06pm
I have made crockpot rice pudding with soy milk as my son is dairy free. It is lovely. 1/2 cup rice, vanilla essence, 3 cups soy milk and 3 tablespoons of sugar (brown or white)On low for 4 hours and then mix in 2 eggs that have been beaten with 1/2 cup milk stirring thru the cooked rice mix. May need a little longer to thicken. I have cooked this in 2 hours on high but needing stirring throughout and turned out good too. It is so yummy.

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