Re-freezing mince -your opinion

carla8, May 31, 2:40am
I am making hamburger patties for burgers for dinner tonight and am using mince that has been frozen. Does anyone know if it is ok to freeze any patties we don't use tonight to heat up for another nights dinner? It would be refreezing the mince but in it's cooked form this time. Thanks!

pericles, May 31, 2:41am
if cooked, no probs to refreeze

natalie9, May 31, 2:50am
Yep can freeze twice, once when frozen then once when cooked

superdave0_13, May 31, 3:18am
all good... your mince is probably made from frozen mince trim as well, Especially this time of year when butchers have to buy in supplementary stock to keep up with demand.

kob, May 31, 3:19am
sweet as

carla8, May 31, 3:45am
Great! Thanks for that.

grinnbareit, Jun 23, 11:47am
yes, freeze them, without fear. They are always cooked well before you eat them .