marley, May 31, 2:16am
Hi there - does anyone have a recipe or know of a good cleaner that can clean my oven top. My oven is an old but faithful Shacklock Chef 21 - its recently suffered some bad cooking! ! ! The stove top is badly scarred with burnt food etc... and I have used almost everything to get it off even the old elbow grease to get it off... . My oven top used to gleam with cleanliness now it looks AWFUL! ! ! Its embarrassing becaus e it looks like I dont clean it but I am TRYING! ! ! I have heard something about bicarb soda and white vinegar - anyone know if this works or not... . Im desperate! ! ! want a new oven because it looks that awful! ! !

valentino, May 31, 3:09am
The supermarket sells oven cleaners but another that is worthy of a try is the BBQ Cleaner.

Just allow it to stay for a while then give it the ole elbow grease job.

May need to do it a couple of times.


greerg, May 31, 4:30am
Or a paste of dishwasher powder and water left on the food patches for a while.

cook_gaga, May 31, 5:06am
you could try an old one my nan used on her coal range.... teaspoon sea salt teaspoon bicarb and white vinegar make to a paste, apply liberally stand back and wait... about 5 min's then use an old tooth brush but don't turn the ring on or you will bake that to it as well, it used to make your black iron range shine.

cook_gaga, May 31, 5:09am
and i did mean her black iron range

blou, May 31, 7:43am
Stovetopcleaning always my worst job until my husband used overn cleaner on the top then put all the element rings in the dishwasher to finish off . . works a treat . . use cautions such as rubber gloves good ventilation like the rangehood fan on etc etc good luck

roseyglow, May 31, 7:54am
BAM Spray on and leave overnight Spray on again in the morning and rinse off! !

nfh1, May 31, 8:13am
I use Chemico everywhere.

indy95, Jun 24, 6:53pm
Marley, don't panic. I have just discovered an oven cleaning gel made by Selleys which has removed gunk I thought I would never be able to shift. It is brushed on with the applicator on top of the bottle and left for 30 minutes then wiped off, or scrubbed off if it is really stubborn. It should be available at any supermarket.

Good luck, hope it works.

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