New philidelphia cream...

sikofstuf, May 30, 11:29am
mmmm, just bought some- dont know if it's all that new or not- but havent noticed it before- anyone got any ideas for it? Was planning on chicken fettucine, mashrooms, chicken, bacon, pasta and the cream- reckon that will work guys? Or too bland?

abbey_magick, May 30, 12:37pm
Spotted it at the wellington food show... ... they did a chicken, bacon, mushroom, creamy pasta with it and it was super yummo.

sikofstuf, Jun 21, 1:09pm
was it just using the philly as the creamy sauce? I'm thinking it might be too thin! lol- smells yummy! No one else in the family likes pasta- so I dont do it often- but I figure time I cooked something I like (hehe, mum! ) lol