Homemade hashbrowns?

rosalily, May 30, 10:10am
Does any one know how to make homemade hashbrowns. i wanted to make bacon and eggs with homemade hashbrowns and kranskys normally i get my hashbrowns from the supermarket but i have had hmemade ones before and they tasted better thought i could give it a go. Thank you in advance for any help.

cookessentials, May 30, 10:22am
I make rosti which are basically the same. Cook potatoes and when cooked through and cool enough to handle, grate into a bowl and add a little salt and pepper to season and about 1/3 cup clarified butter. Mix gently to combine. Shape into about 12 patties or use a food mould ( stainless steel deep rings) to form the shape. Heat clarified butter in pan and cook in batches about 4 mins each side until lightly brown on each side and drain on paper towels. I serve with smoked salmon and creme fraiche on the top with thinly sliced red onion and capers - yum.

fisher, May 30, 10:26am
Homemade Hash Browns
Excellent made in a George Forman or Breville type grill~
Add Mixed Herbs for an awesome flavour.
3potatoes, peeled, 1 onion, peeled, 1 egg, beaten, salt & pepper, cooking oil, knob of butter. .
Grate the potatoes and onion using the large "grate" to make thin strips. Place this mixture in a tea towel or muslin cloth and squeeze out excess liquid.
Place in bowl and add beaten egg, pepper and tsp of salt, mixing well... Heat oil with knob of butter in frying pan until hot...
Scoop in spoonfuls of the potato mixture and flatten into patties about 10mlthick... Brown patties on both sides, adding more oil and butter as needed...
Variations: Things you can add to hash browns in the mixing stage.
Grated tasty cheese and chives~grated mozzarella cheese ~ pre fried bacon ~small pieces diced ham ~ fresh parsley~ onion salt ~ garlic salt~ mixed herbs.
Hints:. .
Prepare all else first~grate the potato at the last minute before adding as it will go brown...
If cooking in a frypan or on barbecue plate, don't try to turn until the first side is browned - it will fall apart. Flip and brown other side.
Remove the hash browns from the frypan and drain on paper towels. You can keep them warm in a 200 degree oven while you brown the rest of the potatoes... .

katalin2, May 30, 12:05pm
Simpler version of Fisher's as above- grate raw potato, wring out liquid in teatowel, add salt and pepper and shallow fry heaped tablespoonsful in butter or oil till crisp and crunchy- turning once- serve immediately. ( flatten down with spatula after dropping it in the oil). Have been making this for years- always goes down a treat with brunch.

kcak, May 30, 10:21pm
I do the same but make a whole pan full, turning it onto a plate and then back into the pan to do the other side, then cut it into wedges to serve.

daleaway, Jun 22, 7:51am
I think commercial ones contain onion powder or onion salt. You may miss this flavour without knowing what it is you are missing!