Haha my biggest bung up to date..

jussa, May 30, 7:10am
i made some cheese puffs a few weeks ago. . didn't turn out that great... not all were eaten... it required parsely. Im not too familiar with our garden as hubby takes care of that. .

well today i was out in the garden today and realised we had carrots. . haha cool i thought. . and then it hit me. .

we dont have parsley. . i had cut off the tops of the carrot... lol. .

lx4000, May 30, 7:46am
pmsl! !


alebix, May 30, 9:02am
ha ha. . now that is funny.

chevcamaro, May 30, 10:05am
thanks for that, needed a chuckle, lol haha

seniorbones, May 30, 11:58pm
lol... . . bet they tasted ok though. You may have started a new trend.

seniorbones, Jun 21, 10:42pm
also I dont have parsely either, my stupid husband ALWAYS pulls it out! ! just planted a new lot about a month or two ago - went out to pick some and its gone again. Once I had the hugest healthiest plant, he decided to cut it back because it was hanging over the path - well he trimmed it right to nothing, I was furious, it was the only thing I could grow successfully.

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